ComputerBits’ objective is to provide customer satisfaction, by offering the most cost effective way to achieve our clients’ requirements.

To do this we evaluate your current situation and look to get you to where you want to be, starting from the point you are at now.

Our pricing policy is to not be undercut by our competitors and in the event that you can find a product or service being offered cheaper elsewhere we will beat that price. There are of course some caveats to this:-

  • The Product must be identical (this means we check any small print)
  • We often include things like fitting/installing/setting up in our prices. Does the competitive price include these things?
  • All unavoidable charges, e.g. Delivery costs, transaction costs must be taken into account
  • The Competitor must have the product available for sale at the stated price (any fool can offer something they don't actually stock cheaply, and in our industry such practice is sadly rife)

If you want us to "price beat" you need to give us this information,

Name and contact details of vendor
Price they are offering including VAT and delivery etc.
Full specification of product,

so that we can check the competitive offer and see that they are offering exactly what they claim and that it is legitimate.


ComputerBits have a strict policy of providing only legitimate and licensed software, we make some of our livelihood from the sale of such goods and are not therefore in the business of stealing software or other copyrighted goods, please do not ask us to assist in copyright theft

All our assistants and engineers are aware that they are dealing with customers information which is confidential and may be commercially sensitive, we have a strict policy that they must treat such information as "sacred" and any breaches of this confidentiality would be treated as gross misconduct and possible grounds for prosecution.


Our staff are encouraged by to keep up to date with developments in technology and to visit seminars and training sessions when these are available. We encourage them to attain certifications from Software and Hardware vendors so that they can all offer knowledgeable and constructive help to our clients.

Our dress policy is "smart" casual, unless you invite us to your christening, wedding (we hope not funeral) you are unlikely to see us in suits, we believe that being comfortable makes our work easier, please do not mistake this for any lack of respect or professionalism.